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Zoey deserves her own "happily ever after." Zoey seems to connect strongly to one person at a time and her favorite person is, presently, Old Yeller's Ranch Manager, Aubree. She tolerates other people and will allow people she knows to walk her, but she is most definitely a one person dog. She prefers not to be touched by strangers, so she needs someone who feels comfortable communicating this to people when out on a walk. She walks in crowds and with others dogs beautifully. Zoey is an active dog, but does have an "off" switch and will find contentment just being in the company of her person. She enjoys chasing balls and can run like the wind. Her specialty lies in swiftly getting the ball and not so much retrieving; just running around with it in her mouth really pleases her. She absolutely LOVES her pool, but it's unknown if she actually enjoys swimming. Zoey understands the "sit" command and is learning how to "down" on command as well. She likes treats, but isn't food motivated. She will "wait" before someone gives the "okay" to eat her breakfast and hasn't displayed any resource guarding. She hasn't been introduced to cats, however, she has met chickens and was totally indifferent to their presence. She is a HUGE fan of car rides and will stick her face in the wind. Her first crated car ride was to the Vet for vaccinations. Zoey loaded into the crate perfectly and was a good girl for the Vet. We haven't tested with children, but because of her discomfort at being touched by strangers, we would prefer her to be in a home without kids. Aubree is able to touch any part of her body and lift her, without resistance. Contact Aubree at ranchmanager@oyrr.org to learn more about Zoey!