About US

About Us

Old Yeller Ranch Rescue has rescued urgent dogs from shelters throughout California. We have a small facility in Los Olivos, CA where we kennel the dogs as an intermediate home until a forever home is found. We pride ourselves on being open and honest in trying to place our dogs with a compatible forever home. We provide as much veterinary care as the dog needs to be able to enter his/her new forever home with a substantial amount of information on his/her current state of health. We give these dogs love and work to find them their forever home that they deserve.

Board of Directors

Amanda Parker (President & Founder), Erica Valdes (Vice President), Danielle Laudon (Secretary), Kristopher Parker (Treasurer),
Danielle Duenas, Bradley Hollister, Rick Lee, Samantha Valdes, Rosemary Williams 



Old Yeller Ranch Rescue is located in Los Olivos California, in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley.

Fess Parker, who starred in Old Yeller, Daniel Boone, and Davy Crockett was Amanda Parker's (OYRR's Founder) grandfather and the inspiration behind the name for which we have given our rescue. Our rescue is located on his winery property and ranch. He was a great man an American icon, as well as a grandfather. Without him, we would not have the facility to do what we are doing. Rest in Peace Grandpa Fess!!! We love you forever!


Aubree Gonzales

Ranch Manager

Aubree was born and raised in Buffalo, NY until joining the military in 2002. Aubree married her best friend in 2004 and moved from place to place until she separated from the service in 2006. After leaving the military, they decided to move back to her husband’s hometown of Lompoc and raise their family. Shortly after arriving, Aubree was hired on as an Animal Control Officer for Santa Barbara County and worked with the Lompoc Animal Shelter (La Paws) until moving to Northern California.

In addition to their human children (Gabriel,11 and Isabella,8), they have a few of the animal variety as well, including a 12 year-old Chihuahua (Bubba), a Newfoundland (Fezzik), two Rottweilers (Pahlo and Creed), a Rose Breasted Cockatoo (Buckaroo), an African Gray (Winnie), and two rats (Rascal and Mr. Fuzzy Pants). While in Northern California, Aubree and her husband trained their Rottweilers in obedience and protection work under the guidelines of the SDA (Service Dogs of America).

“Working with our dogs is something, not only we, but the dogs enjoy doing. Like people, dogs are individuals. Each dog is unique in the way they think, the way they play, even the way they show affection. There is something special to be found in every dog we meet, we only have to allow ourselves the opportunity to see it. I'm happy to be a part of the OYRR team and look forward to meeting all of you. If ever you feel like swapping dog stories, you know where to find me.”

Becky Larson

Animal Caregiver


Becky is a Lompoc native, born and raised. She attended college for musical theatre at AMDA Hollywood and PCPA. During this time she discovered her drive to help animals. She has worked with animals of all kinds including horses, livestock, and special needs cats. Her passion is the welfare of animals and she's grateful to be working with like-minded people at Old Yeller Ranch Rescue. She hopes to continue helping animals and making a difference in the community. 

Becky joined OYRR on property as the Animal Caregiver, providing everyday care and love for the dogs and assisting the Ranch Manager. 

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